The CDO Group Construction Christmas Guide


Christmas is just days away, and maybe you’re like some of us and put off your shopping until the last minute. Or perhaps you’re finding our Construction Christmas Guide after the Holidays and looking for some way to spend some Christmas money. Whatever your case, you’ve come to the right place if you are after the hottest new tools to give to the construction worker in your life or add to your own toolbox!

If you’ve procrastinated your shopping until now, chances are you won’t snatch these tools up in time for Christmas Day, but really, who doesn’t like getting a late Christmas present? 

In this bonus post, we share some of our favorite tools and gadgets sure to please every construction worker, from the first-day apprentice to the seasoned veteran and even the mess-around-on-the-weekends handyman. Let’s get to it. 


Top Gifts Over $100

REEKON M1 Caliber Measuring Tool: $149.99

Measure once, cut once. This tool isn’t going to make you throw your tape measure out, but it will eliminate the need to measure and mark materials, saving time and energy. 

The patent-pending REEKON M1 Caliber is a digital measuring tool that clamps to almost any saw fence and measures material as it slides under it. With the capability to make angled, beveled, miter, and compound cuts and accuracy beyond 1/32”, the M1 is a carpenter’s new best friend.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket: $288.42


Leave the layers behind. With up to eight hours of heating time and a wind and water-resistant ToughShell exterior, the Milwaukee Heated Jacket is the only layer you need to beat the frigid temperatures this winter.

Wilton All-Terrain Hitch Vise: $299.99

The truck upgrade you didn’t know you needed. The Wilton All-Terrain Hitch Vise mounts into a standard 2” hitch and provides versatility, strength, and mobility. Made of ductile iron, this vise is still lightweight, comes with an integrated carrying case, and supports pipes up to 3”, with a maximum opening range of 7”. If you’re looking for something unique yet highly functional, this is the one right here. 

Milwaukee 24” REDSTICK: $239.00

The Milwaukee REDSTICK combines concrete screeding, smoothing, and leveling functions into one hand tool. With Milwaukee’s PINPOINT measurement technology, PIN mode, rechargeable battery, and an IP65 rating, this digital level is perfect for the serious concrete worker. It is available in lengths of 14”, 24”, 48”, or 72” and boasts up to 2x greater accuracy than its competition. 


Top Gifts Under $100

Crescent EX6 2-in-1 Extendable Layout Tool: $26.99


This layout tool always measures up. Eliminating the need to carry around a 7” and 12” square, the Cresent Extendable Layout Tool is formed of solid aluminum construction and three ball bearings that hold the extension securely in place when retracted. The EX6 extends out to scribe and mark up to 2x12 lumber and come with laser-etched markings for durability and visibility. Crescent has a full line of squares, but this one leads the charge in value and functionality. 


Franklin ProSensor 710+ Stud Finder: $54.95


Finally, a stud finder to love. Franklin Sensors has been making waves for the past decade, and the 710+ is loaded with features that will make every carpenter’s eyes light up. 

With a one-button push, the ProSensor 710+ uses 13 sensors simultaneously to detect wood and metal studs. It detects multiple studs simultaneously, accurately displays the center and edges of a stud at the same time, and comes with a built-in bubble level and ruler. With deep-scanning always on, its wall sensing area is an industry-leading 21 square inches. Franklin has been outselling the competition for the past five years, and with the 710+ in its arsenal, there’s no wondering why. Order fast and still get this one by Christmas! 

Mag Shims by FastCap: $30

Sure, you can keep using old-school methods to set your table saw cutting depth, or you could step into the future and pick up FastCap’s Mag Shims. Mag Shims are 1/8” and 1/16” magnetic spacers. Simply stack the spacers to get to your needed height, adjust the blade to match, and you’re ready to make the perfect cut. Stick the spacers on the back of the saw fence, so they’re always ready to go, and even use them for setting the depth on router bits and drill presses.

Post-It Extreme Notes: Price Varies


Extreme Notes puts the sticky in sticky notes. 

These things stick to essentially any material and in any condition. Sun, rain, or snow. Inside or outside. Dirty or clean. Brick, metal, plastic, wood, or composite. Well, you get the idea. Extreme Notes stick so that your work zone communication does too.  

Happy shopping and happy holidays from all of us at CDO Group

December 22nd, 2021 |